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Question Time

Well, as awful as it sounds, it was the money. Simple as that. Yes, I could be bought. And I tell you no-one was more surprised than me. I know, I've always been known for my morals, my high principles. Yeah. Money. I sold out.

Well do you know really, it was nothing very much. Just a couple of questions, that was all. Two questions, raised months apart. And they started a debate, that led to a decision, that formed the basis for a major contract. Funny thing is, we never even met. You haven't seen any photos anywhere of us at parties together, have you? There were no clandestine meetings. I never visited his corporate headquarters. He never visited my constituency. I thought it was okay. Yes, I did.

What do you mean, do I love money? You know, I'm not sure. I don't think it was that. But there are so many expenses. The lifestyle's hard to maintain unless you're the silver spoon brigade, so you have to get a little creative.

Oh, everyone does it. I know some who are routinely doing far worse things than that. Oh yes, absolutely. You see, you can't not have the car, the houses, the holidays, the school fees. They're part of the package. No-one takes you seriously if you turn up in a Corsa and a Marks and Spencer suit. It might be wrong, but it's true. What? Well yes, of course the PM rides a bike, but that's a statement.

I wasn't comfortable with it. No, honestly, I wasn't. I've been struggling to sleep, battling depression. Seriously, I'm on tablets. It wasn't right, I know that. But to be honest, the questions would have been asked anyway. I just raised them at the pertinent times, gave things a nudge. Things would probably have turned out the same. Yes. I do believe that, actually.

How am I coping with the humiliation and disgrace? Gosh. You don't pull your punches, do you? Well, of course it hasn't been easy. It's hardest for the children, obviously. Do you know, there were paps hiding in the bushes at their school the other day. Apparently the groundsman had to be restrained. I have a meeting scheduled with the head on Thursday. No, I don't think he'll ask me to remove the children from his school. Why would he do that? He wouldn't do that, would he?

No, I'm not sure what the future holds. Clearly my political career is over. No, not even on a local level. It's a trust issue, you see. They say I compromised my integrity. Well I did, really. Mind you, I've had one or two offers. No, not from him. I've served my purpose as far as he's concerned. He got what he wanted. No, he won't be called to account. He didn't do anything wrong, did he? Snide two-faced duplicitous backstabbing bastard! Sorry, would you mind leaving that last bit out?

Do I resent the PM? What a strange question! He's a superb man. Some of the underlings are complete crooks, I could tell you some stories about that lot, but not the PM. None of this is his fault. No, I'm sorry, I know you all think he was in on that deal with the Chinese but he absolutely was not. He had no idea the contract was going to that awful sweatshop. He would never … No, I'm sorry, he simply wouldn't have … Definitely not, he would not have signed …

No, it's simply not true. No, I think that's enough now. No. Interview over.


© 2012 Kay Lawrence.


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