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The Perils of Pretty Footwear

The little girl grinned mischievously as she hid behind the rack of summer weight trousers with matching jackets. She peeped around the corner, giggling as she heard her mother calling. The mother, carrying three laden shopping bags, a shoulder bag containing half the house, and wearing a frown of frustration, stared around desperately.

She didn't have time for this. They were due at the dentist's in five minutes, and she still hadn't found anything suitable to wear to her neighbour's birthday do. She had hoped this trip might go smoothly, but trying to do anything with seven year old Izzy at the moment seemed to descend into farce. She was just going through a phase, or so her mother hoped, but this constant need to play hide and seek was pushing everyone's patience to the limits.

Izzy, blissfully unaware of her mother's deteriorating mood, scurried to the rack of towering high heeled shoes, and crouched down, her eyes widening in delight at the sight of the pretty red flowery sandals with the large polka-dot bows. Distracted by the object of her fancy, she did not see her mother swooping, bags flying, eyes narrowed, until the last second.

'Izzy! Stop being silly!' snapped her mother, reaching down and grasping one of her hands, inadvertently knocking her on the back of the head with one of the bags.

Izzy was hauled from the shop, scolded all the way, and dragged to her least favourite of all places, the dentist. It was an early lesson for her in the perils of allowing oneself to become distracted by pretty footwear.


© 2011 Kay Lawrence.

line mother-in-law
5th October 2011

sort of thing I would have done !!Being Izzy

line Frances
26th October 2011

Excellent story Kay, made me chuckle.

line mum
10th November 2011

A dim and distant memory from all those years ago but I'm sure I've been there!


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